Vacation Survival Mode/Sunblock

Posted By Helen Agnew On June 6, 2022


Vacation Survival/Sunblock

Summer is here, which means outdoor activities, time spent in the water, and plenty of sunshine! Unfortunately, with the sun comes the potential for sunburn. The effects of a sunburn can last much longer than the initial redness and pain. A burn means damage, resulting in peeling and itchy skin as it heals. Repeated damage can result in serious medical issues, such as skin cancer years later. According to, your risk of developing potentially deadly melanoma doubles with just five or more sunburns!

The good news is that you can enjoy the sun without the burn with the proper protection of a quality sunblock! The whole family should use sunblock daily, and Suzanne has selected a few that may be perfect for you.


Badger is proud of its clean, organic, and GMO-free products made from just five simple ingredients. Available in several SPF strengths, they apply as light, unscented, waterless formulas that absorb quickly into the skin. It also comes in kids and baby to keep all ages protected. And, if beach volleyball is your thing, try the ‘Sport’40 SPF cream with clear zinc version. It stays put on active people. Finally, grab a handy spray that travels well and keeps your hands clean and dry. Don’t forget to cover all exposed skin and reapply often.

After Sun Products

Sometimes a sunburn will happen, and you will want to treat it quickly. Ensure you have soothing products on hand and apply them immediately when you see the skin turning red. Aloe Vera and Calendula Gel are two products widely used on skin with too much sun exposure. Apply liberally and often. Many people swear that placing a washcloth soaked in ice water with vinegar on the burn for 30 minutes, followed by a topical such as aloe vera, will reduce the heat. Remember that skin suffering from a burn requires moisture, so stock up on your favorites today.


Summer Sun Safety Tips

Suzanne’s Natural Foods is your Vacation Survival Headquarters for everything you need to be safe and healthy this summer. Stop in and bring your list; we can help you select items that are the right ones for you and your family. You have questions, and we have answers…naturally!

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