Vacation Survival Mode/Motion Sickness, Ear Ache & Poison Ivy

Posted By admin On June 21, 2022


Vacation Survival / Motion Sickness, Ear Ache & Poison Ivy


Carsick, seasick, airsick, motion sickness, vertigo; they all make you feel nauseous and light-headed. Vertigo can cause you to feel a spinning or a ‘falling’ sensation. One in three people suffers from motion sickness. It is more prevalent in women and children ages two to eleven. Many researchers feel that estrogen may play a role in why women are more susceptible than men. If you are headed for a long car ride, a cruise, an airplane ride, or even a big amusement park with lots of rides, it’s wise to be prepared for motion sickness. Suzanne’s has a variety of products that can ease nausea and make sure you can enjoy yourself.

It’s always a good idea to pack motion sickness medicine. Suzanne’s Natural Foods carries non-drowsy medication in both meltaway tablets and capsules. Make sure you read the directions before you leave since some medications suggest you take them several hours before your car, boat, or airplane ride for best results. And if you have a long-distance flight that includes changing time zones (like France), Jet Lag Relief is also a great help to adjust to time change more comfortably. Finally, if swimming is on the agenda, be ready for those earaches with homeopathic ear drops to soothe and calm a sore inner ear. These items are must-haves for every vacation.



Poison Ivy


Hiking, camping, and exploring the woods all go hand in hand with vacations. So does poison ivy. If you’ve ever had poison ivy, you know how miserable it can be. The itching and blisters can ruin your fun for days. It is always best to be able to identify and avoid poison ivy, but if you do come in contact with it, you’ll be glad to have some excellent treatments on hand to help.

The selection of products above can address itching and weeping of poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac. Topical sprays are best as the nasty symptoms can spread from one person to another. If you come in contact with the vegetation or someone with an infected area on their skin, wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, especially BEFORE and after using the restroom. This is a ‘don’t go on vacation without it’ product! Here are some excellent guidelines for avoiding an outbreak. You may want to print it and take it with you.

Suzanne’s Natural Foods wants you to enjoy every moment of your vacation. So stop by and get your vacation survival supplies today! You have questions, and we have answers…naturally!

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