Celebration Food For Everyone

Posted By Helen Agnew On June 23, 2023

There is nothing quite like a summer picnic outside! If you are hosting, the chances are that you have several different eating styles to accommodate. Suzanne’s Natural Foods makes shopping easy. Get everything you need, including chips, meat options, buns, mocktails, and even dessert! We’ve highlighted some of the popular items in the store, so get your list together and come on by!

Chips & Munchies

Start off with some yummy organic chips from Root Valley. They come in several flavors. There are also non-dairy selections like cream cheese for dipping.


Meat Substitutes & Buns

Your Vegan/Vegetarian guests will love these tasty burgers and hot dog options. Pair them with gluten-free, non-gmo buns, and you have a winner! Perfect for the grill. Grab extra because they’ll want seconds!


Organic Condiments

Suzanne’s has a great selection of organic ketchup, mustard, mayo, and pickles to top off all those beautiful grilled works of art!


Non-Alcoholic Beverages & Mocktails

Celebrate with all the taste but no alcohol with these great options. From mocktail options to beer, all of our alcohol-free options are big on taste! We also have a large selection of organic wines that do contain alcohol so that you can get everything in one stop!

Make your list and visit us soon for the best selection! We have it all at Suzanne’s Natural Foods!

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