The Importance of Water & Trace Minerals

Posted By Helen Agnew On June 26, 2023

Don’t Forget Water and Trace Minerals!

I’m sure you’ve heard that your body comprises 75% water. And that you need to drink water to keep your immune system in top-notch shape. But there are so many other reasons to make hydration a priority. Let’s look at a few of them:

Relieves Fatigue- Are you aware that fatigue is usually the first sign of dehydration? Maybe those 3 PM naps you’ve been craving are your body saying you need more water! Try drinking water with your lunch and another 8 oz mid-afternoon.

Helps Relieve Headaches and Migraines- A European Journal of Neurology study shows that drinking more water reduces the length and intensity of the headache. Since dehydration can trigger a migraine, it makes sense that you would drink a large glass of water at the very first sign.

Helps Regulate Digestion and Bathroom Habits- If you’ve eaten a large or high-calorie meal, drink extra water. Your body requires double the water intake to help break down food and process it properly.

Encourages Weight Loss- I’ll repeat it, drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day helps your body break down fat cells and even raises the rate at which it burns fat. Eight 8oz glasses a day should be your minimum!

Eliminates Toxins in the Body- Water flushes out toxins and supports good kidney health. A healthy eight glasses a day will keep your body running smoothly.

Reduces Cramps- Those nighttime muscle spasms and joint pain can be alleviated by drinking water. And make sure you are getting plenty of Trace Minerals and magnesium.

Your Skin Will LOVE You- Water will help your skin look radiant and improve elasticity. Hydration prevents dullness and dryness that cause fine lines to be more pronounced.

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Make Sure You Have Trace Mineral Supplements!

When we mention “trace minerals,” we refer to Boron, Copper, Silicon, Manganese, Selenium, and Zinc. Usually, we would get these trace minerals through our food, but our growing and manufacturing processes have drastically reduced them. A recent study showed that in the last 100 years, trace minerals in our soil were reduced by 80%-90%. You can increase your trace minerals by eating an organic diet and drinking water with trace minerals included. It’s still a great idea to include them as a healthy supplement for the whole family. Shop the great selection of Trace Mineral Supplements at Suzanne’s.

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