Allergy Relief…Naturally!

Posted By Helen Agnew On May 24, 2023

Relieve Those Pesky Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Pollen and mold counts are incredibly high this year due to the wet and warm weeks we’ve recently had. As a result, you have itchy eyes, a cough, and feel miserable…but help is on the way!

What causes allergies? They are an immune response to something you are allergic to, like animals, pollen, dust, mold, or even grass. Introducing an element that you are allergic to through your nose or mouth triggers the release of histamine, which causes sneezing, itching, and other pesky symptoms. A natural antihistamine can block that activity and give you some relief from those symptoms.

Here is a list of Suzanne’s most popular natural methods for treating seasonal allergies for everyone in the family.

Stinging Nettle

In a study conducted in 2000, Healthline states that 58% of the participants found relief in their symptoms after using 300mg of freeze-dried nettles daily. Suzanne’s carries several different brands. You can choose from full spectrum Stinging Nettle or a product like Breathe-X, which may contain some additional beneficial ingredients.


This natural antioxidant is found in onions, apples, and other produce. The Natural Library of Medicine published a report in 2013 that showed taking quercetin daily provided relief of allergy symptoms in participants of the 3-week study. It’s also been shown not to have any negative interaction when combined with an antihistamine like Benadryl, allowing for additional allergy support in peak months. Suzanne’s brand comes in several sizes to fit your family’s needs.


Locally Sourced Honey

The idea behind taking locally sourced honey is the same as allergy shots. Taking honey over time, increasing slowly to more significant doses, allows your body to build immunity to the allergen. Many people do not realize that the pollen bees pick up is not usually the same pollen people are allergic to. Most people are allergic to weed, trees, and grass pollen, which bees do not carry. While there isn’t a lot of data available on scientific testing of honey to treat seasonal allergies, many people swear by it. One thing is sure, it tastes great and will also soothe your throat!

Children’s allergy symptoms often bring parents into the store. We love the Forces of Nature product. It’s organic and in the form of drops for easy dosing.  Allercetin Allergy tablets are a great choice for adults. They contain natural histamine blockers for quick relief.  Dr. King’s provides an overall allergy product as well as several regional ones specifically formulated for the types of allergens in each area. Perfect for vacations!

Don’t Forget Your Eyes

Do you suffer from itchy, watery eyes? Or maybe you suffer from dry eyes? Suzanne’s Natural Foods has you covered. Take good care of your eyes with either of these favorite products.

You Are What You Eat

Since gut health is directly related to your body’s immune response-ability to fight allergies, experts recommend a diet consisting of mostly organic foods. Shopping Suzanne’s Natural Food’s wide selection of organic fruits, meats, and vegetables can significantly reduce symptoms and improve overall gut health. In addition, avoid dairy products that promote the thickening of mucus in your sinuses. Cutting out highly processed foods like white bread and avoiding fried foods, sugar-sweetened sodas, and fat-heavy spreads like margarine can also help.

You can enjoy the summer without symptoms by following these tips and adding natural histamine-fighting supplements. To find the products right for you and your family, stop and speak to one of our highly qualified staff.

We are always here to help…Naturally!

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