Calm Canine Options

Posted By Helen Agnew On June 28, 2023

According to the ASPCA, nearly 1 in 5 pets that go missing are due to loud noises that frighten them, like fireworks. Humane Societies and Pet Rescues across the US will be flooded with new arrivals July 3-5 as dogs escape their tethers and fenced yards and bolt through open doors out of fear. There are steps you can take to help calm your pet, as well as products. Let’s look at some of the products available at Suzanne’s Natural Foods.

Hemp Products

Many people with anxious pets rave about the calming effect of hemp products.  These products offer relief in small doses to relax and calm your pet. Suzanne’s offers several different types in both drops and chews for easy dosing. This is a great time to try it and see what dose is effective for your needs. They are also used for storms, travel, and boarding situations where your pet may be stressed.

Steps To Help Calm Your Pet

  • Keep them inside your home during fireworks.  Make sure they empty their bladder before the noise starts. Do not let them out during fireworks.
  • Create a Safe Place in your home BEFORE the fireworks start. Dogs love feeling secure; a “den” atmosphere will achieve that. Make a safe place in a closet or under a bed for them.
  • Give them calming supplements from Suzanne’s Natural Foods.
  • Calming music can provide a distraction and help drown out the sound. Classical music or even the sound of water flowing can have a calming effect.
  • Make sure their tags are always on them. And if you haven’t gotten your dog chipped, you may want to do that before the Holiday.  This is NOT the time to remove their collars.
  • Just in case, have the phone numbers for all your Animal Control/Rescue organizations handy.
  • Refrain from taking your dog to fireworks shows. It is not an easy place to locate them should they get loose.
  • Give them lots of TLC. Show them you care with the same love and affection they always show YOU!

Stop by Suzanne’s Natural Foods for a great selection of calming products…Naturally!


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