Magnesium: The Wonder Mineral

Posted By admin On November 20, 2021

Magnesium: The Wonder Mineral

Most people have heard of magnesium, but many have no idea how important it is.  It is one of the seven essential microminerals and plays a crucial role in over three hundred cellular processes in your body. People need to consume it regularly to meet the 100mg a day requirement.  Are you getting enough?  Check this list and see if you suffer from any of these conditions.


Heart Disease



Muscle Cramps

High Blood Pressure

Trouble Sleeping

Asthma Attacks


Kidney Disease

Depression & Anxiety

Crohn’s Disease

Parathyroid Problems

Are over age 50

Regularly use Proton Pump Inhibitors 

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, you might benefit from a magnesium supplement.  It’s essential for supporting muscle and nerve function and energy production.

Many options are available, such as tablets, powder, oil, sprays, gummies, and liquid.  Let’s look at some popular choices available at Suzanne’s.

 Calm Gummies

These easy-to-take gummies are perfect for both adults and kids.  They are vegan and gluten-free and taste great.  Calm is the leading magnesium brand in the U.S. Available in easy-to-take powder too! Just add to juice or beverage.

Health & Wisdom Magnesium Bath Crystals 

These natural bath crystals not only supply your body with needed magnesium, but a soak in a bath with these crystals also relieves back pain, muscle pain and stiffness, and pain from arthritis.  A great product to keep in your closet for those times your muscles are asking for some relief!

Suzanne’s Brand Magnesium Glycinate

The most popular method of taking magnesium is in pill form.  Suzanne’s has a variety of potencies depending on your needs.  The benefit of taking magnesium is a natural form of calmness and relaxation. Discuss your needs with one of our associates.  They can help you find the product right for your needs.

Our store also has organic foods high in magnesium, such as nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, dark leafy vegetables, yogurt, and milk. For example, just one ounce of almonds contains twenty percent of a daily requirement for adults.

If you are on prescription medication, remember to consult your physician before taking a magnesium supplement since it can interact with some types of antibiotics and other medicines.

At Suzanne’s Natural Foods, we know you have questions, and we have answers…Naturally!