Hydrate for Health

Posted By admin On July 9, 2021

Have you ever eaten foods like potato chips, movie popcorn, and fast foods only to find your fingers and face puffy the day after?  We’ve all been there, and it’s called water retention.  Usually caused by consuming too much salt, it causes the body to retain water making a person feel bloated.  Here are a few water tips to help and why there are so many types of water to choose from these days.

Benefits of Consuming Water.

Your body depends on water to survive.  From cells to tissue to your vital organs, they all require water to function and keep you healthy.  Sixty percent of your body is simply water.  Check out some of the work that all that water does after you drink it.

  1. Flushes out waste from your body
  2. Regulates body temperature
  3. Helps with optimal brain function
  4. It helps create saliva and tears
  5. Protects your tissue, spinal cord and joints
  6. Helps to maximize physical performance
  7. Aids in digestion and elevates your mood
  8. It enables the body to absorb nutrients
  9. It helps with weight loss and gives glowing skin
  10. Water can help fight off illness and boost energy

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Many factors need to be considered in how much water to consume.  Weather, geographical location, exertion, and time of year all determine your intake.  Your body will tell you when you need to increase your water intake.  The first sign is a dry mouth.  Dark urine is also a sign you may be dehydrated. Urine should be a very light shade of yellow.  Typically men should consume 125 ounces a day for regular activity.  Women should drink about 91 ounces a day.

Water is NOT Created Equal

Have you ever stepped into Suzanne’s and noticed all the different types of bottled water we carry?  Spring water, filtered water, mineral water, water with electrolytes, flavored water, we have it all!  Here is an easy guide to which water is best for your needs.

Mineral Water: Provides minerals your body needs and can’t create on its own. It can also help aid in digestion, and many people find the taste preferable over tap water.

Spring Water: Spring water is ordinarily clean and free of toxins. It also contains some of the helpful minerals previously mentioned.

Sparkling Water: This choice comes in regular and flavored. Many people find the fizz appealing.  While it does contain some minerals, it doesn’t have all the health benefits of noncarbonated water. However, it can satisfy a sweet tooth, and that is a bonus.

Flavored Water: Many people find flavored water makes drinking the recommended amount easier.  While it’s true that flavored or infused water is refreshing, it also contains either large amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Many brands of flavored waters include artificial flavors.

Purified Water: This is water that is usually boiled like distilled water to remove contaminants.  The source is usually tap water.

Alkaline Water: Alkaline water has a higher PH and contains alkaline minerals and negative oxidation.  Many people feel that increasing their body’s PH keeps certain illnesses like cancer at bay and slows the aging process.

Electrolyte Water: Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge. They are found in the bloodstream, urine, and sweat.  Water infused with electrolytes is an excellent choice after a strenuous workout to replenish and hydrate. Suzanne’s has several top-selling electrolyte supplements for hydration and replenishment, including Hydration I.V. and Nuun Tablets.

Now that you have information on all the different types of water, Suzanne’s encourages you to drink up!  Increasing your water intake will make your body function better, make you feel better, and maybe even help you look more youthful!  Cheers!