Women’s Heart Health

Posted By admin On February 4, 2021

Most people associate a heart attack with crushing chest pain. While that may still be true for most men, women often experience more subtle signals. Just because they are more subtle doesn’t mean they are not to be taken seriously. According to the CDC, heart disease was the leading cause of female deaths in 1 out of 5 women in the United States in 2017 and continues to rise. The key is education and self-care before heart disease becomes a factor. Below are some guidelines to follow, but they do not replace seeing your physician should you show any symptoms.

The main symptoms of heart attack/heart disease that women have are:
1. Unusual fatigue.
2. Shortness of breath.
3. Pain in the arms, neck, or shoulder blades.
4. Nausea or vomiting, especially after exercise.
5. Light headedness or dizziness.
6. Sweating.
7. Indigestion or heart burn.

Because many of these symptoms seem out of character for heart disease, many women ignore them until they become urgent enough to seek medical help immediately. By then, they may have already experienced damage to their heart. Diagnosing and treating heart disease early is key to a long and fulfilling healthy life.

There are many ways to change your lifestyle to help keep your heart and arteries healthy. If you smoke, you need to consider quitting right away. Smoking has a direct connection to heart disease, but the good news is that quitting will improve your health. Exercise should be part of your daily regimen, with at 3 days of cardio a week. Make sure and visit your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

Healthy eating and lifestyle are key to overall health. If you haven’t been to Suzanne’s lately, you’ll be pleased to find our new addition filled with healthy organic food choices. You can be sure that our fresh produce and refrigerated products were all selected with your best health in mind!

Self-Care is something you will hear a lot about this year. We must make time for ourselves to pause and rejuvenate. Yoga and meditation are two excellent ways to relax and regain energy. Many people also feel a positivity journal is also helpful in bringing joy and health into their lives. Looking at the positive and shifting your attitude has been shown to have definite health benefits in many studies so why not go for it?

Suzanne’s has many beneficial supplements and vitamins to help with heart health!
1. Ubiquinol CoQH 100mg
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4. Hawthorn Supreme
5. CholesteRice
6. Blood Pressure Support
7. Omega-3
8. Ultimate Omega + CoQ10

Stop into Suzanne’s today and talk to our staff about which supplement may benefit you. And remember, if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above with any chest pain or difficulty breathing, don’t wait. You can avoid damage to your heart if you catch a heart attack early or even prevent one!

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