Good-to-Know Keto Side Effects

Posted By Jesse Lane On March 5, 2021

The National Library for Biotechnology Information published the results of an in-depth study of how the Keto/Atkins diet affects the body. While many people experience weight loss and lower and glucose readings on this diet, there are documented risks. Let’s take a closer look at Keto and a few of the side effects.

History Of Keto:
The Ketogenic diet was originally developed for implementation under medical supervision for epileptic infants and children to reduce the incidents of seizures. In the past few years, however, the Keto diet has morphed from a medically monitored food plan for treating epilepsy to a mainstream version of the low-carbohydrate diet now used to induce weight loss.

How it affects the liver:
The high amounts of fat in the Ketogenic diet plan were documented to induce non-alcoholic “fatty liver” disease in some patients. This can cause symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, nosebleeds, itchy skin, abdominal and leg swelling, and even brain fog or confusion in some cases. Your doctor may order the alanine aminotransferase test (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase test (AST) to check your liver enzymes. If you test positive for elevated liver enzymes, your doctor will likely order additional tests to identify the cause of the inflammation and request you suspend the Keto diet until the cause is determined. For this reason, if you have a history of high cholesterol it is best to make sure your doctor approves the Keto/Atkins plan.


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How it affects the Gallbladder:
The gallbladder stores bile, a yellow-green fluid created in the liver. This bile is used to digest the fat you eat. The high fat Keto diet may help avoid the creation of gall stones in some people. It’s been shown that a diet extremely low in fat can aid in the creation of stones by not releasing bile on a normal basis. At the same time, a diet remarkably high in fat can trigger a gallbladder attack in people who have gallstones, resulting in intense pain in your right side, upper back and even chest. Suzanne’s carries several herbs that can aide in dissolving the stones, allowing many people to avoid surgery.



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