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Posted By Jesse Lane On June 7, 2019

Does sunscreen really count as being efficient if its protection harms you or the environment in the end? Non-organic and non-natural sunscreens may do the job of protecting you during your day in the sun, but what good does it do if its toxic ingredients are absorbed into your body?

Sunscreen should not just protect you, it should heal and enlighten you. Ingredients are crucial and using the wrong ones can cause endocrine disruption, cancer, and various other imbalances. Choosing a brand that can be trusted may seem difficult; hopefully this can take your troubles away for a safe summer in the sun.

Here are the sunscreen brands we recommend:

  1. Stream2Sea

The ocean’s coral reefs are under attack. Being aware of the issue is not the crucial element. Knowing how you can play a small part in a big change is the crucial element. Stream2Sea sunscreen accomplished the amazing feat of creating a sunscreen that keeps all toxins out of the ocean and off our skin while still giving us the ingredients we need to stay safe in the sun. They got rid of ingredients like octyl methoxycinnamate, oxybenzone, parabens and mineral oils. Stream2Sea has delivered a line of sunscreen that protects our oceans and protects us all in one package for the perfect eco-friendly sun protection.

  1. Badger

Badger Sunscreen has set out to create the perfect sunscreen that not only protects you from the sun’s harmful rays but it is actually good for your skin. Badger only uses one active ingredient, mineral zinc oxide, to protect your skin. The rest of the bottle is full of natural ingredients like plant oil, beeswax, and aloe to keep your skin rich with antioxidants and plenty of moisture.

  1. MadHippie

This summer needs to be spent making memories, not worrying about putting toxins into your own skin or your child’s skin. MadHippie is the perfect bottle with 16% zinc-oxide and the rest containing all natural oils like red raspberry oil for antioxidants and avocado oil for a protective barrier plus hydration.

Have the time of your life this summer and stay safe with skin soothing and eco-friendly sunscreen from Suzanne’s!

Written by Joey Braun

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