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Posted By Jesse Lane On October 18, 2019

On Suzanne’s latest television show, she discussed natural immune boosters with Shelby Neely, host of Living Well on KSN 16. 

Suzanne Nelson, Owner of Suzanne's Natural Foods
Suzanne Nelson, Owner of Suzanne’s Natural Foods



Suzanne’s Immuno Well RX


As cold and flu season approaches, Suzanne recommends several ways to naturally boost the immune system. To begin, it’s important to remember that the immune system truly originates in the gut. While eating a whole-food plant-based diet is the best way to keep the gut’s microbiome in check, a great way to support gut health is with a probiotic supplement. Building good bacteria with a probiotic brings balance to the gut’s ecosystem, which directly correlates with boosting the immune system. Suzanne recommends taking a probiotic daily for optimal health and wellness. At the store, we have probiotics from trusted sources for all ages in all different forms, including gummies! 




Another way to prevent sickness this season is by taking elderberry. Adding elderberry to a daily routine will ward off both cold and flu through the entire duration of the season. We offer a broad selection of elderberry juices, capsules, liquids, tinctures, gummies and even provide locally-made concentrate at the store.




Other ways to naturally defeat sickness this season are by drinking fresh-juiced carrot beet juice or by taking any of our other immune-boosting herbal supplements. Juices can be ordered upon arrival at the store, or they can be picked up in our easily accessible grab-n-go cooler. Personally, Suzanne drinks a fresh juice daily. She also likes to keep the herbal supplements Olive Leaf Throat Spray and Immune EZ Packs on hand for when she begins feeling a little under the weather. The throat spray keeps soreness at bay (be sure to grab one if that’s an issue for you!) while EZ packs can be stored in a purse or car for anyone to quickly grab at onset.


Natural Alternatives for Cold + Flu


When Suzanne feels a cold or the flu coming, she promptly collects Colloidal Silver and a homeopathic remedy called Oscillococcinum. Colloidal Silver can be taken as a spray or tincture and Oscillococcinum is a small bottle with little pellets to be placed directly under the tongue.These alternatives help eradicate symptoms and sickness rapidly.



Altogether, Suzanne recommends several natural options for boosting the immune system. Those to be taken daily are probiotics and elderberry. These build the immune system and keep sickness at bay. Other ways to naturally increase immunity are by drinking fresh juices and taking alternative herbal remedies. However, if colds and flu still succeed, grab Colloidal Silver and Oscillococcinum. These extinguish sickness hastily and naturally. Stay healthy throughout this season with natural immune boosters found at Suzanne’s Natural Foods in Joplin, MO!


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Watch Suzanne’s segment on Living Well here:

Suzanne’s Natural Foods: Immune Boosters


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