Sustainable Cleaning in Joplin

Posted By admin On March 19, 2021


Have you ever finished cleaning and disinfecting your home, only to be hit with a nasty chemical smell? Instantly you wonder what was in the products you just used all over the surfaces in your home. Your family and pets are now exposed to a clean surface loaded with chemicals that may be worse than the germs you wanted to kill.

According to a study by the Cleveland Clinic, most “all purpose” cleaners contain ammonia, ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate, sodium hypochlorite and/or trisodium phosphate. These ingredients can be highly toxic to humans and animals if ingested or absorbed through the skin. For more information on what most household products contain, here is a link to the study:

Suzanne’s Natural Foods is proud to be the exclusive Joplin retail location for Nixall®. Nixall® is a disinfectant and sanitizer that kills bacteria and viruses. It is made in Nixa, Missouri and has received national recognition for its effectiveness during COVID-19.

The best part is that the product is earth, human and pet friendly! The primary ingredient is hypochlorous acid, which is found naturally in our bodies. It breaks down bad cells that cause infection and havoc in our bodies. It’s an effective, clean, and safe alternative to chemically laden commercial cleaners. Stop by Suzanne’s and find out more about how adding Nixall® to your cleaning routine will make your home, your family, and the earth happy and healthy!

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