Self Care Basics

Posted By admin On May 21, 2021

As Life Gets Back to Normal…


This past year has changed many people’s way of thinking about almost everything.  You may have taken up gardening for the first time, tried yoga or maybe updated the inside of your home.  One thing is certain, we all keep a bit more toilet paper in our closets these days!

May’s self-care topic is getting back to basics on caring for ourselves.  Here is the “go to” list we all need to follow.

  • Daily use of Sunblock. For years it was thick and white, and people avoided it except at the beach or lake.  Suzanne’s has an all-natural option that goes on the skin CLEAR.  Badger Sunblock is reef safe, ocean safe and contains no harmful chemicals or fragrances.  Make sure and stock up and bring it with you on vacation.


  • Regularly taken, Probiotics can make a real difference in your health, especially for women.  They help with digestion, regulate bowel movements, improve your skin and some even lose weight.  Taken on an empty stomach daily, probiotics should be part of your daily wellness regimen.  Make sure and ask one of our knowledgeable employees which one is best for you.


  • Taking a Multivitamin daily gives you multiple benefits.  Thirteen vitamins and fifteen minerals are essential to your body’s good health.  A good multivitamin insures you receive these important nutrients, so your body is functioning at it’s optimum. All vitamins are not created equal.  Suzanne’s carries only the best options available.  From gummies, to pills, to liquid; we are sure to have an option perfect for you.


  • Getting adequate Sleep is a huge part of health, just ask new parents.  It’s your bodies natural time to rejuvenate and restore itself.  How much sleep you require varies from person to person but it’s a safe bet that somewhere between 6-9 hours will be the range most people say is perfect.  Make a point to eliminate caffeine and sugar consumption in the early afternoon.  Shut off electronic devices 40 minutes before bedtime and consider spaying a lavender mist on your pillow or using a calming essential oil before bedtime.  Suzanne’s has many products to help you get a great night’s sleep…naturally!


  • Water, Water, Water!  Drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day.


  • Get Outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and company of good friends.  Just remember to be responsible and follow guidelines to keep you and those you love safe!


Remember, self-care is necessary.  We give our best when we feel our best.  Suzanne’s is here to help…naturally!