Natural Pest Repellants

Posted By admin On June 18, 2021

Bzzzzzzzz… that pesky buzzing sound in our ear lets us know that we will soon be a meal for a hungry mosquito.  With all the rain this spring, we are sure to have an increased number of pests just waiting to bite us!  Suzanne’s Natural Foods has a great selection of natural pest repellents for babies, children and adults.  Here are a few of our most popular products.

Nantucket Spider Insect Repellant Spray for People and Pets

These natural products work great at repelling ticks and mosquitoes.  These Deet-Free sprays are made with organic essential oils that smell amazing and are vegan and cruelty free.  Most options are available in several sizes, so they are perfect for vacations, a day at the lake or summer camp!  Don’t forget Fido!  Nantucket Spider has a great spray for pets as well. It is cedar based so it doesn’t have that citronella smell most of us hate.  While you are looking at the sprays, consider getting a few incense sticks for those summer evenings on the deck or patio.  Great for picnic and cookouts too! Stock up today.


Bug Ban Insect Repellant for Babies by Yaya Organics

When it comes to protecting your baby’s sensitive skin, consider this great product made by three New Hampshire moms who wanted a safe and effective non-chemical alternative for their children and pets.  This 100% plant-based bug repellant formula is perfect for babies over 6 months, nursing moms and anyone with sensitive skin and offers 4 hours of powerful protection.  It has a natural, fresh floral scent and is free from DEET, permethrin, synthetics, GMO’s, mineral oil, alcohol, clove, peppermint, cedarwood, rosemary + citronella.  Baby your skin today!

Suzanne’s says get out there and enjoy these glorious days without worrying about fleas and ticks.  Stop in today and ask one of our knowledgeable employees about which products are perfect for your family…naturally!