Managing Anxiety In Adults And Children

Posted By Helen Agnew On September 22, 2022

Increase Mental Focus, Improve Sleep, and Decrease Anxiety…Naturally!

Back-to-School time is normally when kids are excited to see their friends, meet new teachers and sometimes even learn about a new school. But for many children, it is filled with anxiety and dread. Some refer to this as ‘school anxiety’ or school refusal.’ It can make things very disruptive in your household, and it’s always a concern when your child is scared, depressed, or anxious. If the anxiety persists, you may want to consult your doctor, but the symptoms are often short-term. Suzanne’s Natural Foods has options that may help your child, naturally!


This popular blend contains ATA Mg, a patented form of magnesium acetyl taurinate, which has been clinically proven to absorb 24% faster abs cross the blood-brain barrier for superior absorption in neuronal cells. As a result, Mind by Enzymedia calms the natural stress response and supports memory, learning, and cognition. An added benefit is that magnesium promotes restful sleep as well.


Three Brains Total supports the head, heart, and gut relationship. These three “brains” influence our mental health and cognition. According to Natural Factors, the easy-to-take daily cello pack supports brain and cognitive function plus gastrointestinal health with five essential supplements. All critical body functions. People love that they are in daily packs, so you can take them on the go if necessary.


Alpha waves in the brain are commonly associated with greater creativity and productivity. You find yourself able to focus and tune out distractions, allowing you to think clearly and accomplish tasks more efficiently. Alpha Brain blend by Onnit supports memory, focus, and cognitive processing speed to help calm the chaos and allow your brain to fire on all cylinders. It comes in 30 and 90 capsules and a single serving powder, so you have it when needed.


Everyone experiences daily stress, but occasionally it can be overwhelming. Rescue Remedy products by Bach are formulated to provide gentle, non-habit-forming relief. It’s easy to use and comes in spray or drops. This doctor-developed blend of five Bach flowers, grape spirits, and water is the same today as it was when Dr. Bach created it over eighty-five years ago. The flowers are still sourced directly from Dr. Bach’s original garden! Rescue Remedy comes in a kids’ version, as well as a product for SLEEP. Vegan and gluten-free with no preservatives.

Say goodbye to restless nights with Hyland’s Calms Forte’. This all-natural blend promotes natural sleep through a combination of botanicals and minerals in a non-habit-forming tablet. Temporarily relieves the symptoms of occasional sleeplessness and restlessness with accompanying stress, anxiousness, and irritability. Save for children six years old and above too! Make sure to include Calm Forte’ on your next Suzanne’s Natural Foods shopping list!


Kids Products



Good Day Chocolate Kids Calm is known as the Good Day milk chocolate chill-outs! They are safe and effective with a gentle blend of chamomile flower and L-Theanine. It’s the perfect thing to have on hand for those ‘off-days’ many kids experience. It’s also great for the short-term anxiety many children experience when going back to school. It’s always a great idea to have a bottle on hand.

Productive, restful sleep is essential to the mood and ability of children to learn and thrive in school. If they are not experiencing sufficient sleep, consider tying Good Day Chocolate Kids Sleep. Each piece contains 1mg of pharmaceutical-grade melatonin, the recommended sleep supplement for children over the age of three. These yummy chews are made with Fair Trade milk chocolate and get their color from natural fruits and veggies.

Kids Fast Asleep drops are easy-to-take, alcohol-free, and contain a certified organic extract blend of 5 plants and essential oils to gently calm and support sleep. Simply add the recommended number of drops to your child’s favorite juice an hour before bedtime for optimal results. Its sweet orange flavor mixes well with most juices. Safe for children one year and above.

Chamomile Calm drops balances, calms, and nourishes the nervous system. It is perfect for the over-energized or anxious child. Just a few drops into the juice of your choice will relieve tension throughout the body and allows for a more appropriate stress response. It can also be beneficial after large ingestions of sugar to help a child calm down.

Valerian Super Calm has all the calming herbs of Chamomile Calm with the additional benefit of valerian root for a gently calming and sedating effect. This blend is suggested for older children but can also be used on younger children at bedtime.

This pleasant chewable is powerful stress support that is full of helpful nutrients and even sugar-free. Relax-a-Saurus by Kal includes L-Theanine, Chamomile, Green Tea, and Passionflower. It’s perfect for occasional stress and helps support healthy mental function. These dinosaur-shaped tablets are sweetened with xylitol so they are safe for teeth too! A great relaxation support supplement.

Keeping kids focused can be a challenge with all the distractions out there. That’s where Focus for Kids comes in. It’s formulated to support focus and cognition so your child can get through the school day, homework, or other daily tasks. Kids Focus contains DMAE, phosphatidylserine, and L-Tyrosine. Also, Griffonia bean and grape seed extract round out this effective formula, all in a chewable tablet that makes taking it easy.

As always, we encourage you to stop at our store and talk to our knowledgeable staff. We are sure to have the right product for your family’s needs. You have questions, we have answers…Naturally!

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