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Posted By Helen Agnew On March 13, 2023

Sprouted Nuts & Seeds Are Getting Noticed for Their Health Benefits!

Health publications are suddenly filled with stories of how beneficial sprouted nuts and seeds are. The sprouting process removes most allergens and lectins, allowing the body to fully absorb the nutrients found in these amazing gifts from nature. It also eliminates the bloated feeling some people experience after eating nuts. But sprouting is time-consuming, and most people find it difficult to do at home.

There is one new product that is getting much attention. It’s called BOOSTIE. It’s a natural product with a specific blend of beneficial sprouted organic nuts and seeds. The blend is the brainchild of Goldie,  a 76-year-old Houston woman who, after having a health issue, became obsessed with healthy eating and researched different foods extensively. It comes in three options: Naked with Cacao Seeds, Pink lemonade, and Raspberry with Cacao Seeds and Electrolytes.  When eaten once a day, it provides more nutrition than any other one ounce of food.  Most people add it to a smoothie, yogurt, or salad. You can even top ice cream with it…your kids will love it!

A Testimonial from Springfield, MO.

Since November, Suzanne’s shopper Helen A. from Springfield, MO, has added BOOSTIE to her morning oatmeal or yogurt. Here is what she told us:

“I have suffered from joint pain and arthritis for years. It can be debilitating with the colder weather, and sometimes I could barely walk up a curb. I lived on pain meds and topical gels with little relief. Goldie suggested I try BOOSTIE once a day for five days a week. I figured I had nothing to lose. I’m not a big fan of nuts or yogurt, but after a few weeks, I looked forward to it! I especially love the crunch from the Cacao Nibs! One day about three weeks into eating it, a friend at work commented on the nasty weather. I realized I had no pain. I hadn’t taken pain meds in almost ten days! Unfortunately, I ran out and was without my BOOSTIE for a week. My pain started to return in 3-4 days. Once I started eating BOOSTIE again, it was gone again after a few days. I have more energy. I’ve lost 12 pounds and rarely have headaches anymore. I feel better than I have in years and sleep very well now. Several friends have commented on my skin, and they have also started adding BOOSTIE to their diets. It sure worked for me. I can’t say enough about it!”

BOOSTIE is Organic, Sugar-Free, Lectin-free, Non-GMO, and conforms to all eating plans like KETO, Paleo, Mediterranean, and Gluten -Free. Come in and try BOOSTIE and experience the benefits of sprouted nuts and seeds in your diet. Or have us add it to your smoothie in the Café!

Suzanne’s Natural Foods is proud to be the first retail location in the Country. We always strive to bring you the best …Naturally!

Food Is Medicine

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