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Determine Your Body Type & Optimal Lifestyle Plan
    Body typing has been aroudn for thousands of years. For example. Ayurveda, "the science of life" is considered the world's oldest existing medical system. Originating on the Indian sub-continent, Ayurveda is thought to be 6,000 years old. At its core is the principle of body typing. It considers that each person is unique, made up of a balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states called "Doshas". The three body types or Doshas are Kapha (water), Pitta (fire), and Vata (air).

    More recently with the work of Dr. Robert Williams, Dr. Elliot Abravanel, and Dr. DicQie Fuller an effort has been made to refine this process to include the endocrine system and enzyme deficiencies.

    To quote Dr. Robert Williams:
         "If we continue to try to solve the (nutritional) problems on the basis of the average man, we will be continually in a muddle. Such a man does not exist.

    He demonstrated that biochemically we are all individuals. Our Bio-individuality dictates that need for different proportions of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. He also demonstrated that people respond differently to vitamins, minerals and other co-factors.

    Commenting on the various diets that people try today, Gabriel Cousens M.D. states:
         "All of thesediets do seem to work....but only for about one-third of the people! Why do these diets work for some and not for others? The answer to this puzzling question can be found in biochemical individuality. Different physiological types require different fuel mixtures in order to enter the right conditions to have maximum cellular energy and expression of health."

    Dr Fuller says: "Fad diets are fads. If they worked for everyone, we would stay on the indefinitely and would not have to look anywhere else for a suitable program."

    The only way to find your way through the conflicting claims of today's experts is to be aware of your body type and its requirements. Everything you eat has an effect on your gladular system. When you understand how this works, you can use food to create a state of metabolic balance in which your body can reach and maintain its ideal weight.

    Dr. Abravanel describes four main body types as dominant gland types:
  • pituitary
  • gonadal
  • thyroid
  • adrenal

  • The approach is, fundamentally to restrict foods that are stimulating to the dominant glands of your body type. (These are your body's danger foods), and to encourage foods that strengthen and support your less active glands.

    Dr. Fuller expands on this by tying in these dominant glands with specific enzyme deficiencies. It is this final assessment that we describe in the following information. As you determine your dominant gland(s) and enzyme deficiencies it will open to you a new understanding of why you feel the way you feel, the best types of foods for your type and the supplements, and exercise that will create the foundation for your ideal lifestyle plan.


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